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Handcrafted Illusion 3D House Mat
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Handcrafted Illusion 3D House Mat
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Create a VORTEX – anywhere in your home!

Watch people freak out and get some CRAZY reactions with our artisan handcrafted rug that looks trippy from every angle – the perfect artsy piece that lights up any room!


Vortex Illusion Rug

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Proudly designed in the USA!

Create a mind-blowing VORTEX Hole on your floor! ?

“I got the biggest sized rug and placed it in my lounge. My friend’s reactions were priceless when they saw it! They were amazed!” – Gloria Smith, Los Angeles, CA ⚫️ Our experienced artisans are hand-stitching the most REALISTIC mat the world has ever seen. Decades of experience and a strong dedication for art have led to this creation; creating a timeless and mind-bending pattern. ⚪️Get amazing reactions! This high quality, handcrafted 3D illusion mat will get some ‘wows’ and ‘whoa!’ from the friends and family!

Premium 3D House Mat – Lalabonita


The Illusion Works From ANY Angle! ?

⚫️ Don’t worry about the mat only looking ‘cool’ from just a certain angle. The vortex looks absolutely realistic no matter where you’re standing! From the front:   From the side:  

Environment-Friendly & Easy To Wash! ?

⚪️ Vortex Illusion Rug™ has a strong and durable, non-slip backing that is recyclable. The mat itself is made of 100% Soft Polyester that is water-resistant & machine washable.  

Why You’ll Love Vortex Illusion Rug™ ♥️

Hand-Stitched Realistic 3D Design Put it indoors or outdoors – anywhere! Guaranteed “WOW” effect Awesome conversation piece Resistant to moisture Material: Soft Polyester (water-resistant, washable)    

No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee!

Not happy with your purchase? Get your money back – no questions asked! We have a 24/7 Live Chat and email support system – so in case anything is less than perfect for you, we’re here to make it right!

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Small (60 cm / 24 inch), Normal (80 cm / 32 inch), Big (100 cm / 39 inch), Large (120 cm / 47 inch), Massive (160 cm / 63 inch)

14 reviews for Vortex Illusion Rug

    July 24, 2020
    I’m buying this for my daughter. She’s going to love it so much!!!
    Karen James
    July 23, 2020
    This looks so fracking cool. My house on the water in fl is filled with pottery, stained glass & old world europeanish(?) furnishings. Any other colors, your killing me ?
    Pam Whitewood
    July 21, 2020
    Just bought this rug , o m g it’s quite a conversation topic,. It’s lovely quality, I wish I had bought a bigger one, loving it
    July 21, 2020
    Brilliant, got to get one of these, now who do i know with vertigo?
    John Zach
    July 20, 2020
    I am a 3D fanatic including photography. I’ve seen artists do this with chalk on the street. Finally, someone took it a step further. I’m going to place an order. Maybe more than one. / John Zach
    Benjamin Kramer
    July 18, 2020
    I haven't ordered yet but my wife and I are going to order today! Then we plan to order additional ones for upcoming birthdays, /holidays. Can't wait to see their reaction.
    July 16, 2020
    Amazing! On my front covered porch, I may never get my mail delivered!
    July 14, 2020
    Fantastic illusion worth giving as a gift for newly decorated office...
    July 13, 2020
    Wow what a great gift this is going to make!!
    Rich Langsford
    July 12, 2020
    This is one rug your pets will leave alone! Great conversation piece and a great gift for friends with vertigo issues!
    Arnie Amoros
    July 11, 2020
    That’s fantastic I’m considering buying 2-3 more as gifts as well
    July 10, 2020
    This is a very cool rug
    Pamela Buck
    July 10, 2020
    Just ordered for my new house being built in spain.
    Helen McHale
    July 9, 2020
    My granddaughter would love this!
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